Scope and limitations of BHUVAN JAIVOORJA

  --   It is a demonstration of the geospatial technology towards assessment of biomass availability from crop residues.
  --   Biomass maps may be used by the officials / policymakers of the concerned departments and industry developers to assess the
        availability of crop residues over an area
  --   It helps mainly in identification of prospective area / zone for setting up industries.
  --   It provides the amount and type of crop residues (rice wheat, cotton and sugarcane) over an area to tailored made the biofuel plants.
  --   It also provides geospatial information on wasteland / water bodies / fallow for industry use.
  --   It also provides major road network, railways and petrol pump location to support the logistics.


  --   The district level crop production statistics pertain to 2010-2016 were used to calculate biomass potential for the selected four crops.
  --   The potential crop maps were prepared using the multi-temporal satellite data of 2013-16.
  --   Crop maps were generated over the major growing districts of India.
  --   Biomass was converted to bioenergy using recommended calorific value of the respective crop.